Theory – Easy Reachability for iPhone / iPod Touch Webview Development

photics-reachability-thumbnailAhh… my article starts out with a hedge… a single word that could negate the value of this tutorial… theory! Apple has built a walled garden. It is their happy little nirvana, filled with thousands of apps and billions of downloads. Your apps are invited to this party, if you can get past the checklist. If you have an online app, there is one pesky requirement that could instantly thwart your dreams – reachability. Your app needs to test for Internet connectivity. If it doesn’t, it risks rejection!

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Photics: Revisions – iPhone App – Ready For Sale

photics-revisions-buy-appI was bracing myself for a long wait. On September 17, 2009, I submitted my first iPhone Application to the app store. I was restraining my enthusiasm, figuring that some small technicality would blight my success. I read some discouraging stories online. It seemed that it might be weeks before Apple approved my app. I was even planning to blog about the long waiting. Instead, I was surprised. Apple approved my app! I nailed it on the first shot!

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Mike's To-Do List!

checkbox-thumbnailIt’s pretty awesome running your own business. The hours are great and the commute is wonderful. The best thing about running – I have a great boss. Now some might think that running your own business makes you the boss. No, it doesn’t work that way. The customer becomes the boss. That means YOU are the boss. Heh, but don’t ask me to get you a cup of coffee. I’m way too busy with the main objective of this site – creating web content. I decided to share some of that process with you.

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WebView and Reachability – The iPhone Development Requirement

photics-reachability-thumbnailSome of you might be wondering, “Hey Mike… where have you been? Where are the site updates?” My mind has been elsewhere, trapped in the iPhone SDK. A lot has happened during the last two weeks. After a decade of being grumpy with Apple, I bought a Mac. It was required for developing iPhone apps. After my success with Android, I decided to try iPhone development. Yet, owning a Mac was far from the most difficult requirement.

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Apple’s Demand For iPhone Business Developers – Just The FAX

fax-thumbnailI had read the legends of what it was like to develop for Apple’s iPhone / iPod touch. The word is that Apple’s program can be quite lucrative, but also quite strict. I wasn’t even in the program yet, but I already learning about how ridged the rules could be. I suppose it’s my fault. I did make the harder choice. I had the easy option of releasing programs as “Michael Garofalo” but I wanted “Photics” to be my developer name. Building a brand, especially with Apple, requires extra effort.

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