Annoyed Tomatoes

Annoyed TomatoesI’m not a big fan of Halloween. With decades of video game experience, I’ve been training to shoot monsters — not dress up as them. My latest iPhone / iPod Touch game reflects that sentiment. In Annoyed Tomatoes, you play as a soldier. An advanced research facility has been overrun with mutant tomatoes. Your mission is to eradicate the hostile threat. This game is a bit creepy and more violent than I’m used to making. The music is a little eerie too, which helps to create a suspenseful mood. Even though I’m not usually enthusiastic about the holiday, Annoyed Tomatoes is a perfect creation for the weekend celebrations.

I think Annoyed Tomatoes is my best GameSalad game yet. The graphics look amazing — especially the 3D animated mission briefing. It looks highly professional. It also highlights what can be accomplished with GameSalad.

Annoyed Tomatoes was approved by Apple on the same day that the GameSalad Team changed their mind about the GameSalad Direct® business model. It seems that a “Professional” option is returning. It was a good day for GameSalad, as I think Annoyed Tomatoes is an excellent example of what can be created with the software.

This is level 1 of Annoyed Tomatoes. One of the nice features of the game is how this level starts. With the opening of the doors from level 1, the game transitions into the action.

Another awesome feature is the Retina Display. I think that this game looks great on an iPhone 4. Although, I also used the “Resolution Independence” option in GameSalad. That means the game uses lower resolution graphics for the older displays. That increases the performance of the game on older devices.

Game Features:

  • Retina Display Support – Crisp graphics on the iPhone 4
  • Easy controls – tap to shoot
  • Great background music – to match the theme of action and suspense
  • Great graphics and animation


  • Shoot the tomatoes
  • Press the “Reload” button when you run out of ammo
  • Don’t let the tomatoes eat you
  • The tomatoes are thin-skinned, shoot through them to attack multiple tomatoes

There are five levels in Annoyed Tomatoes. If you manage to beat the game, your hit accuracy number will be displayed. But is it fun?! I think it is. This is one of those games that brings out that survival instinct. When the Tomatoes start flooding the screen, your heart can start racing. The frantic tapping to ward off the mutant tomatoes, while maintaining a steady stream of ammunition ready, can really get the adrenaline pumping.

“Well what are you waiting for?! Get down there and make a salad!”

Annoyed Tomatoes is a simple game to play, but lots of little elements come together in order to make the experience exciting. If you have headphones, you might want to put them on while playing this game. With the positional sound effects and stereo music, the game doesn’t ignore the ears. I worked hard on this game, to make it a delight for the ears, the eyes and the brain.

This game has put me in the holiday mood. For those that purchased The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook, live in the United States and selected “Yes” to email marketing from Photics, you should have already received a nice Halloween treat — a free promo code to download Annoyed Tomatoes. Perhaps Annoyed Tomatoes will help you enjoy the holiday season too. The game is rates for ages 9 and up. I think it’s a fun game for kids, but I’ve seen how adults have reacted to this game — it was impressive. Annoyed Tomatoes is like a nice Halloween treat.

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