A Perfect Score For Photics.com (web.dev)

Stylized Thumbnail (100 x4)Web development is one of the few professions where you don’t need a degree, certificate, or a license to get a job. I don’t know how long that party is going to last. But despite the low barrier to entry, there are standards for web development. It is a moving target, but professional websites are generally expected to hit certain requirements. Google’s web.dev website is an easy way to check if your website is meeting modern standards. Photics.com was recently put to the test. The end results were flawless.

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Free Template Tuesday #37 – Tumult Hype “Spotlight”

Spotlight on the Investigator EmojiA little over five years ago, marks the start of free Hype template Tuesdays. It all started with a Coconut. I didn’t even realize that so much time had transpired. But after noticing that Groundhog Day falls on a Tuesday this year, I started getting nostalgic. I remembered the Groundhog template. Perhaps I should launch a new Hype Template?

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Free Template Tuesday #36 – Tumult Hype “Orientation”

Orientation Thumbnail — iPhone EmojiNow that the 2020 edition of A Book About Hype was published, what to do about those templates? Well, initially, the plan was to stop creating them. Instead, energy was to be focused on the Widgets app. But after a recent visit to the Hype forums, it looks like detecting the device orientation was an issue. That’s an easy fix… right? That should be an easy template to make… right?!

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Free Template Tuesday #35 – Tumult Hype “Webpage”

Hype Logo Illustrated — With Color SplashCreating websites, it’s a strange profession. The Internet has matured to the point where people rarely get excited about a new website launch. It seems best you can hope for is to keep the complaints to a minimum. The projects can be extremely expensive and time consuming too. Is Hype a better way to build a website? While working on A Book About Hype, this was a question I intended to answer.

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Free Template Tuesday #34 – Tumult Hype “Jump”

Jump Template — Image ThumbnailCan Hype be used to make games? That was one of the primary objectives for A Book About Hype. Hype 4 introduced the Physics API — a way to leverage Matter.js inside your Hype projects. Yet, it’s next-level JavaScript. It’s tough on the brain. Most people use Hype because they don’t want to code. That’s why we haven’t seen too many games built by Hype. This week’s “Jump” template aims to change that. While there is programming involved, it’s not too terrible.

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