Upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion – The Cheap Way!

Mac Software Update Icon - ThumbnailApple’s 2012 World Wide Development Conference kicked off today. And overall, the news was impressive. If you have $2199 to spend on a laptop, the 2880 x 1800 retina display of the new MacBook Pro might interest you. Meanwhile, iOS is getting upgraded with anti-Google technology — like maps and improved Siri responses. Yet, I was most excited by a fairly minor announcement. OS X Mountain Lion is releasing next month… for $19.99.

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Game Creation Log – A Fiery Pinball

TANK holding a fiery pinballWhile I’m waiting for Apple to approve “Project: Salvage”, I figured that I should stay productive. It’s been tough to decide what’s the best project for me to work on. I decided to create a pinball game. Some might think that this is a waste of time, as it’s been done before or it’s not the hot thing on the App Store. Yet, I disagree. Pinball games are fun and I was having trouble finding one that I liked — either for Mac or iOS. So, I decided to make my own.

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Madness — Microsoft Windows on My Mac Mini

Microsoft Window XP ThumbnailBe faithful to your lover, not your computer. While I still like my Mac, some radical changes to Apple’s hardware line has me concerned about the future of the Mac. With the removal of the optical drive from the new Mac Mini, disappointments with Mac OS X Lion, the White Macbook going bye-bye and the hardwired MacBook Air RAM, the entry-level Macs have become less attractive to me. That’s why I started wondering about Microsoft Windows.

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The Mac App Store is Here!

Now that I’ve switched back to a Mac, I get to enjoy exciting news like this – The Mac App Store is now available. By clicking the little Mac logo at the top left of the Mac OS X desktop, and then selecting “Software Update” I started the download for 10.6.6 – which includes the Mac App Store. I’ve been using Macs for almost 18 years. Software has always been a problem. With this new option for Mac Developers, maybe things will change.

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A Memory Upgrade For My Mac Mini

Upgrading / Installing Mac Mini Memory - Article ThumbnailFor years I worked in tech support. I was “that guy” who fixed problems with Macintosh and Windows computers — web servers too. That’s why I enjoyed the challenge of upgrading and installing memory into my Mac Mini desktop. I’ve seen a lot of different computers, but this was the most difficult RAM installation that I’ve attempted. While most modern computers have made it easier to upgrade the hardware, the Mac Mini is a step backwards. That little box is tricky!

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