One Week Later – How’s Mac Life?

Mac Desktop - Dock with Finder Icon and After a week of using a Mac as my main desktop computer, it’s as if life has changed. It’s like I joined some elite club. That was evident by the encouragement on the GameSalad forums. Apparently, a lot of Mac fans frequent the website. They were happy to hear that I was choosing a Mac over a Windows machine. Although, I’m still in the process of resolving some issues with the switch. The biggest issue is software. During the last decade, I acquired a lot of software. Some programs did not survive the transition.

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Windows PC to Mac Mini – The Single Desktop Quest

Around the same time I started this website, I switched from a Mac to a PC. Over a decade ago, Steve Jobs was back at Apple. He had introduced a fishbowl of a computer – the iMac. With a hockey puck shaped mouse, and limited expansion options, it was clear that Apple was heading in a different direction. The iMac was strictly USB — no ADB ports, no SCSI. That setup rendered about $1000 worth of external hardware obsolete. The iMac didn’t even have a floppy drive. If I had to start over, I figured that I should switch to Windows.

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Apple’s Demand For iPhone Business Developers – Just The FAX

fax-thumbnailI had read the legends of what it was like to develop for Apple’s iPhone / iPod touch. The word is that Apple’s program can be quite lucrative, but also quite strict. I wasn’t even in the program yet, but I already learning about how ridged the rules could be. I suppose it’s my fault. I did make the harder choice. I had the easy option of releasing programs as “Michael Garofalo” but I wanted “Photics” to be my developer name. Building a brand, especially with Apple, requires extra effort.

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