A Memory Upgrade For My Mac Mini

Upgrading / Installing Mac Mini Memory - Article ThumbnailFor years I worked in tech support. I was “that guy” who fixed problems with Macintosh and Windows computers — web servers too. That’s why I enjoyed the challenge of upgrading and installing memory into my Mac Mini desktop. I’ve seen a lot of different computers, but this was the most difficult RAM installation that I’ve attempted. While most modern computers have made it easier to upgrade the hardware, the Mac Mini is a step backwards. That little box is tricky!

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One Week Later – How’s Mac Life?

Mac Desktop - Dock with Finder Icon and After a week of using a Mac as my main desktop computer, it’s as if life has changed. It’s like I joined some elite club. That was evident by the encouragement on the GameSalad forums. Apparently, a lot of Mac fans frequent the website. They were happy to hear that I was choosing a Mac over a Windows machine. Although, I’m still in the process of resolving some issues with the switch. The biggest issue is software. During the last decade, I acquired a lot of software. Some programs did not survive the transition.

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Windows PC to Mac Mini – The Single Desktop Quest

Around the same time I started this website, I switched from a Mac to a PC. Over a decade ago, Steve Jobs was back at Apple. He had introduced a fishbowl of a computer – the iMac. With a hockey puck shaped mouse, and limited expansion options, it was clear that Apple was heading in a different direction. The iMac was strictly USB — no ADB ports, no SCSI. That setup rendered about $1000 worth of external hardware obsolete. The iMac didn’t even have a floppy drive. If I had to start over, I figured that I should switch to Windows.

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Apple’s Demand For iPhone Business Developers – Just The FAX

fax-thumbnailI had read the legends of what it was like to develop for Apple’s iPhone / iPod touch. The word is that Apple’s program can be quite lucrative, but also quite strict. I wasn’t even in the program yet, but I already learning about how ridged the rules could be. I suppose it’s my fault. I did make the harder choice. I had the easy option of releasing programs as “Michael Garofalo” but I wanted “Photics” to be my developer name. Building a brand, especially with Apple, requires extra effort.

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