The Poor Man’s Apple TV

When I first learned about the 2010 Apple TV, I thought it was an amazing. This device represented an opportunity for Apple to truly enter the living room โ€” with a gaming console. Apple’s iTunes App Store is already putting fear into Nintendo. The biggest threat to the Wii and the Nintendo DS is not from Sony or Microsoft, but from Apple. With 99ยข games and ubiquitous Apple hardware, Nintendo is in trouble. The Apple TV can literally be a game-changer. But instead, the latest version of Apple TV has been rather wimpy.

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Apple Features Two Photics Apps

Sometimes it’s really hard to work on app creation. I’ve been doing the mobile development thing for almost two years now. While I have found some success, I’m far from early retirement. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time. I’d probably would have made more money delivering pizzas or simply giving up and collecting unemployment. But every so often, a ray of sunshine rips through the darkness. I can see signs of inspiration โ€” showing me that I’m on the right track.

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Game Center Review

Back in the days when the best video games were in dimly lit arcades, I don’t remember being that big of a fanatic about getting the high score. It was pretty pointless to me. The game would just be turned off and my record would be lost. Even after game makers got creative, adding batteries to store the score, the arcade game wouldn’t be around forever. Eventually the local pizza place, deli or video rental store would replace old games with new ones. My high score would be loaded into a truck or a van, shipped to parts unknown.

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Puzzling – Three iPad Puzzles Games

Puzzling - for iPad - ThumbnailIs your brain hungry for another puzzle? This app has three puzzles wrapped into one. It’s called Puzzling. I was in the mood to make something non-violent, something pretty and something challenging. The controls are easy, only requiring one touch at a time. The graphics are colorful, but add to the challenge. I pieced together this puzzle app for the iTunes store, but can you figure out the 16, 64 and 192 pieces of the puzzle?

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Tapscape Reviews Commove

Tapscape reviews has posted a review of Commove (for iPad). It’s an excellent critique that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the puzzle game. Lauren Proctor says, “the overall game experience is extremely fluid and enjoyable.” She also mentions the “excellent soundtrack” and explains the game as, “a story that puts you into an alternate universe.” It appears that the play at your own pace design of the game was appreciated by the reviewer. You can read the full review at the website.