TANK's Death – Failure at the Frost Gate

Rage, frustration, despair… negative feelings consumed my thoughts as I watched TANK fall to the ground. Cut to pieces by angry Dwarves, a hero was slain. On the road to the Survivor title, it only takes one failure to ruin all of the progress. One split second lapse in judgement and all of the extra work means nothing.

Perhaps at my THIRD failed attempt to secure the Frost Gate bonus mission I should have backed off. I should have realized that I was pushing my level 8 henchmen too hard. Maybe I got greedy or maybe I wanted to enjoy the game in the order intended. Oh sure, I could have paid a runner to get me to Lion’s Arch… but no… I had to go and play the hero. Before I fully realized the danger, TANK was cut to pieces. The death was so sudden… so brutal… I was unable to log out in time.

I was angry when TANK died.
I was angry when TANK died.

There are some things that I must remember while pursing this lofty goal…

  • Don’t over extend. I realized that I’m going for too many titles at once. It just means more lost work if I die. I should secure the Survivor title first and then worry about exploring or beating every bonus mission.
  • Don’t play tired. Those little warning messages are useful. I find that I get sloppy or too confident during long gaming sessions.
  • Don’t be a hero. I need to get quicker about leaving a bad situation.

I recreated TANK. This time he’s a Warrior / Elementalist. Previously, he was a Warrior / Ranger with a concentration in Beastmastery. I thought that having a pet would be helpful. Instead, it was distracting. My new plan is to take out the enemy quicker – MORE DAMAGE. The sooner my foes are dead, the less chance they have to kill me.