Signing My Google Android Application – keytool.exe & jarsigner.exe

I had such a hard time signing my Google Android application that it makes me wonder how many developers just gave up. How many applications rest unfinished because the process for signing applications is not as simple as it could be. When you’re finished with your application, it’s all debugged and tested, you don’t just simply press a “make money” button. No, if you want to play in Google’s playground, you have to be tougher than that.

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Success – My Android Application Is Working (almost)

My project started with an idea. What if I could sell my book through the Android Market? What if millions of people all over the world wanted to read my stories from their mobile phone? My imagination was filled with visions of victory. It was an awesome dream… and it’s starting to come true.

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Android Development Tools: Learning About Draw 9-Patch

While I have been able to make Android say hello, I’ve been having trouble creating my first real Android application. I went back to the Android documentation, to see if I could learn something new. Each step forward is one step closer toward my goal. Today I learned about the Draw 9-Patch tool.

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Compass / Case Conundrum Concludes

Isn’t holiday shopping wonderful? I was in the mall, looking for Christmas gifts, when I found a present for myself — a new case for my G1 phone. The default case… more like a pouch …that was included with the G1 was disappointing to me. It doesn’t include a belt clip. From the first day I received my G1 Phone, I knew I needed a better means of protecting and carrying my phone. Last weekend, I succeed in that goal.

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Hello Android, I’m Photics!

I’m learning. I made my first Google Android application today! I went through the Google “Hello, Android” tutorial. It’s something of a tradition for computer programmers that are starting out. If parents are happy when their baby makes their first steps, novice developers like myself may experience a similiar feeling with the “Hello World” application. I’m one baby step closer to success! :)

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