Free Template Tuesday #14 – Tumult Hype “Book”

Tumult Hype Template (Icon)With the release of iOS 11, many of my original iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch apps stopped working. 64-bit mode is now required. So, I went back to the beginning – to Revisions. It was my very first book and my very first app. Ah, back in those days, it started out in Android. But since it was a WebView app, it wasn’t long before Revisions was on iOS too. That’s why Tumult Hype is interesting. I’ve been with experimenting with Hype projects as apps. I’ve had some success and some failures. This “Book” template for Tumult Hype highlights the matter.

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So there it is, in all of it’s glory, the new Photics Book Engine. Heh, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Since it’s a great way to promote the relaunch of Revisions and the Wrapping app, I was really excited about sharing this template with you. Well, that was until Apple rejected my app. They said it wasn’t suited for the App Store, as it was too much like a book. They said it was better suited for the iBooks Store.

Um, it’s already on the iTunes App Store. The new version is much better too. Was Apple just going to let all of those customers lose access to their content? I don’t know, as the rejection has been appealed and a response is pending.

I think that’s what I find unsettling about macOS and iOS app development. It can be very frustrating to get inside of Apple’s walled garden. So far, the effort and the resources spent has not been worth the reward.

That puts a dark cloud over this free Hype template.

See, it was a very simple idea. Combine this template, with Tumult Hype and Wrapping – the HTML-to-Xcode converter. Those three pieces of software would help novice users get their story on the app store. Unfortunately, meeting all of Apple’s requirements is a moving target. I don’t know if this template will help you.

(Wrapping has been phenomenal though. I’m so glad I built that app.)

Revisions was first launched onto the iTunes App Store about nine years ago – NINE YEARS! A lot has changed since then. There are a lot more requirements in launching an app. It makes me wonder if this is really worth the trouble. It’s been more work and less reward.

With that in mind, well, here you go. Here’s the Book Template.